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About Me - oldshotandshell

Welcome to Fellow Inert Ordnance Collectors!

Thought I'd use this space to give some background about myself and hope it might prompt other collectors to get in touch...

I've been collecting inert large calibre ordnance and related material since the early 1970s when finding an empty brass MG131 13mm case at a local collectors fair started a hobby which has been growing ever since.

I have tended to concentrate on tank, anti-tank and anti-aircraft rounds made between 1914 and 1945 of Allied and Axis origin, but I also have a reasonable collection of WW1 British and German field artillery and WW2 German aircraft ammunition as well.

I collect from 7.9mm upwards and stop at 12.8cm because of space, weight and financial constraints. I only collect INERT items (and nothing which is current issue) for the obvious reasons.

I'd be pleased to hear from you if you have any items to sell or trade or just to correspond and share information. I'd also be happy to try and identify any items that have been sitting in your collection as 'unknowns'. Just send me a description/image and I'll reply with as much information as I have. I will use this auction site to move on duplicates from my collection but not everything I have spare is put up for auction so drop me a line with your 'Wanted List'. I may be able to help or know someone else who can...

At the moment I would like to find:

  • 2x British No19 direct action nose fuzes for a pair of British 3Pdr HE projectiles;
  • 1x British 2Pdr Mk5 Aircraft Gun case (40x239R);
  • 1x British 3in 5cwt AA Gun case (76.2x245R);
  • 1x unfired canister projectile or complete round in 45mm (Model UShch-243) and 57mm (UShch-271) for the Russian 45mm and 57mm Anti-Tank and Tank Guns.

Please contact me if you can help with any of these - cash or trade waiting!

I look forward to hearing from you.


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